Friday, 8 February 2013

Ooh hello, remember me!

I don't really do telling myself off for not posting, as sometimes life just gets in the way and there's no point making myself feel bad is there?

So anyway moving on from that, I've had a really interesting few weeks following the New Year. Plenty of knitting going on, trips taken, new craft love developing and turning over a new leaf... That is quite a mixture even if I say so myself.

The knitting is ok, if a little lacking in over the top enthusiasm, which I would like to say is nothing to do with the projects themselves, but more to do with my general indecision over what to knit. In cardigan land I finally settled on the gorgeous Atelier, mainly due to its interesting construction method. Watch this space to see how it moves on, I'm hoping if I follow and believe, that all will be well :)

My other project is the Buttony Quilt which I'm loving as an ongoing 'knit it when you need a little change' project. I'm knitting it in dk weight rather than 4ply and with a 3.25mm needle, so each of my squares is about 50% bigger than the designer's. Hopefully it will grow a bit faster and also helps me use up the huge amounts of dk that I have, either as leftovers, odd balls, or even larger quantities that I bought some time ago and now no longer have any ideas for. Its great, I love it, even the sewing!

That last comment brings me on to my new craft love. Sewing. I have technically sewed since I was a child, taught by my Mum, using both a machine and by hand. It just never grabbed me, it was never my best friend. I could alter clothes in a basic take a hem up, run a seam in, sew on a button way, but I never actually enjoyed it. Bizarrely as soon as Fiona has disappeared off to Uni with our shared sewing machine I get the urge to start sewing! Sods law they call it :) So I've been searching the treasure that is ebay for a second hand solid machine to let me have a bash at some projects. Very excitingly I 'scored' a Frister Rossmann this afternoon, and will be happily going off to collect her on Sunday. More space to watch it seems, although its more likely to be 'upcycled' projects rather than new items from me.

Turning over a new leaf is a pretty common occurrence at New Year, so initially I didn't have high hopes for my new determination, but hey its so great and helps me so much that I'm hooked forever. Yes my friends it is 'meal planning'! I know, you're disappointed I can tell, sorry about that. But honestly its fabulous. No more wondering what on earth I'm going to cook when I finally get home from work, much better and more interesting food on offer, and it saves me money, as I go through my fridge, freezer and cupboards before I write my shopping list. Its deadly simple and brilliant. So you ask what's on the menu for tonight Tracy? Well, erm, actually I'm off to visit my parents and they're feeding me tonight bless 'em......

Lovely to be back amongst you. What new leaves have you turned over?

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