Sunday, 2 December 2012

'He's taken the knife out of the cheese, do you think he wants some cheese?'

I just couldn't help the title. We've got a new chap at work in the office and he's a similar age to me with a very quirky sense of humour. We do end up reminiscing rather a lot about old (80's ish) films and TV series that we knew and loved, which is really entertaining if a bit childish. The up side of this is that I do keep giggling to myself now about snippets I'd almost forgotten. After my last post, having a giggle about anything is a thing to be really chuffed with, and believe me I am chuffed!

The film that came flooding back to me today was 'Arthur' starring Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli and the sublime John Gielgud. The rather odd title above is a line from the calamitous 'almost' wedding in the film, where the Father in Law to be finally loses his rag with Arthur. Oh it took me right back to my friend Paula, who would happily quote this line in a slurred perfect Dud voice whenever us girls about town were out and about. Thanks Craig for reminding me, thanks Paula for all those laughs and thanks Dudley for being so funny. That is all x