Friday, 10 February 2012

Slip,sliding away.....

Ooh you could write a song about that! So much for tackling the picture issue. You would think that being marooned at home by the snow for a few days since I last posted would give me plenty of opportunity, but don't be silly now.

I did have a laugh out loud moment yesterday morning and I confess it was the sight of my 6ft 2, gangly teenage son slipping over in the snow, bless him. As I live and breathe it was like watching Bambi again. He wasn't hurt honestly but the urge to giggle is upon me again, I must go.

Have a lovely weekend, stay warm and stay on your feet :) 

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Finally some attention.....

Finally I've given this poor blog some attention, well as far as design and colour is concerned anyway. Next move is to really master the camera and post some interesting pictures alongside the wordy wanderings through my Woolly World! So instead of a New Year Resolution, its a February resolution. 'By the end of the week start posting with pretty pictures'.

Happy Wednesday all, hope you're keeping warm in your woollies x