Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bursting with activity and joy!

Well not exactly, but I've not had such a productive couple of weeks for a while. Very little of it is knitting related unfortunately, although more of that later, but most of it relates to my darling daughter getting ready for University.

Summer was pretty much consumed with waiting for her A level results and the not knowing if she had achieved the grades needed for her first choice University place. The 16th of August finally came round (results day and her brother's 17th birthday!) and she finally knew she had achieved what she wanted and needed. I cannot explain the sheer joy of that day, not just that she had gained the grades, but more that she had got what she had worked so hard for for so many years. Fiona is and always has been a real grafter, a quality that I admire hugely in her and I am so very, very proud.

Leaving home does come with a massive amount of gathering of household and personal items though, so this is what's taken all our time and energy in the last few weeks. Yesterday it was almost like getting her ready for the first day of school again, trying to find a good winter coat and shoes as she's off up to Leeds and I keep being told it's colder up there than it is in our little corner of Hertfordshire :)

I think the practical preparations are done, now for the mental ones. My baby is going out into the world and I couldn't be more excited for her, go for it my girl, blossom, work hard and most of all enjoy every minute!

Back to the only knitting part of my post, I've been working on a snuggly blanket for Fiona to take with her. To me it means that when she's chilly, tired or a bit fed up she can wrap herself in a Mummy hug! I know, soppy but true....

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