Saturday, 28 April 2012

3KCBWDAY6 - Improving your skillset

Improving my Skillset is something I'm growing more and more keen on. When I returned to knitting after a gap of 20 years I very much stuck with what I already knew, ie 1 method of casting on, knitting flat and seaming and knitting on straight needles. 

Discovering Ravelry opened a huge door into a new world for me as I'm sure it has for so many others. I've added many things to my skillset as I can now do fairisle (not terribly well) thanks to a great Rowan course with the wonderful Jane Crowfoot and intarsia (again same course) although I have found this tricky, the basics are there in my holey head to be improved on with lots of practice. I now know a few different cast on methods (many thanks to for this) and have taught myself knitting in the round on circulars and dpns. Seamless garment knitting is a thing of joy to me, as if you've read DAY5's post you'll know I don't really have the sewing love within me! 

2 weeks ago I took myself on a beginners crochet course with my lovely friend Bev and after some pain, lots of tea and a (although very nice) not terribly good teacher we managed to produced something approaching a granny square. I'll definitely be expanding on my crochet knowledge now I've got some of the basics in my (yes you know its coming!) holey head. Youtube I'm sure will be standing by to help me as it always is. 

I had a conversation with my Mum recently where I said how lucky this generation of crafters are to have the internet and therefore so many possibilities to learn and share, whereas in Mum's earlier years crafting was very much a solitary pursuit done in the privacy of your own home. I love this ability to talk to others whether virtually or in person, to both learn or teach others. There are still many things I would like to accomplish and as encouraged by Eskimimi I shall set down a challenge list here:

1. Complete adult seamless cardigan                                           By - End of Summer 2012
2. Complete 2 pairs of socks (operative word being pairs!)       By - End of 2012
3. Learn Magic loop                                                                         By - September 2012
4. Compete in Ravelympics (signed up already)                          By - end of London Olympics 2012

Think that's probably enough to be going on with. I'm sure various other bits and bobs will come along during the year and I'm now so much more confident of trying (and fortunately being happy to fail a few times!) that things don't faze me too much. If in doubt there will always be a wonderful person on Ravelry who can help.                        


  1. It's a great community this knitting one isn't it? Always someone at the end of a question! We are lucky having the internet - it has transformed knitting!

  2. Right you are, we are lucky to have the internet to aid us and to expand our circle of friends with the same interests. I believe it was much more duty and necessity in earlier years. Good luck with your challenge list. May the force be strong.

    1. We are lucky to be able to craft with others for enjoyment rather than necessity you're right x

  3. Along with lots of YouTube videos, I found the "Happy Hooker" book to be very helpful when I learned to crochet last year. Good luck with meeting your goals!

    1. Ooh thanks for the tip I'll have a look at the book too x