Wednesday, 25 April 2012

3KCBWDAY2 - Photography Challenge Day

Life unfortunately got in the way yesterday and all my plans to post in the evening went to pot. I had already had my germ of an idea though so I'm catching up a little late with Day2 here and will make my Day3 post this evening.

On my desk at work I have 'Stan' the little stress pig. For those who don't know Stan he is a piggy shaped stress ball who makes life just that little bit easier when the customers get tricky! He absorbs all my pain and makes me happy. He sometimes does some of my work too!

Of course knitting also does the job of Stan when I'm away from work, ie calms me down, makes me happy. Now imagine my surprise when I caught this on camera!

The mug blending in with the knitting is pure chance! But there we are, Stan the stress pig doing a couple of rows when my back was turned.........


  1. awwww piggy knitting is adorable

    1. Thanks Kathy it really made me smile. My colleague on the other hand thinks I'm mad!