Friday, 8 March 2013

Good grief it fits...

I hardly dare believe it but I have finished my Atelier and it fits! Yay, so excited and so pleased. It's not that I'm unable to knit a cardigan, but lately I seem to have been singularly unable to knit one that fits me properly. Having finally listened to lots of advice about measuring myself carefully and realising that I'm actually considerably smaller than I thought I was (particularly in the bust area :( ) and also doing as I'm damn well told and knitting swatches, it's worked! Phew...

The pattern was so enjoyable, interesting construction, plenty to keep you moving on, yet lots of mindless stocking stitch to watch TV by. With a slight unintentional variation to the pattern, ie I picked up more stitches for each front than I was instructed to meant that I ended up with the xs size to start with but with s size fronts. Hey ho it looks good still.

I just love the way the fronts look.

Getting decent pictures that really show a project is a tricky one for me, as my 17 yr old son thinks I'm a complete twit and refuses to photograph me and he's the only other person in the house at the moment. I intended to get a pal to do some at knit night last night but as I hadn't been for a while there was just so much catching up to do, so of course it went right out of my head!

I've literally been wearing this all week. It's comfortable, warm and a great length, one happy lady :)

Notice the nice flowery background? My new cotton lawn fabric ready for me to dive in to a simple dress project. Well simple to others maybe, but I'm feeling a bit nervous! I'll keep you posted.....

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Have a great weekend x


  1. Very nice. Love the shoulder detail. I can see why you have been wearing it all week!

  2. HOORAY! I love the simple elegance of the natural toned yarn you used here. It's really beautiful and your finished sweater looks amazing!

  3. Your cardigan is lovely! The details are so nice.

  4. It looks so cuddly and warm! If I were you, I would be wearing it all week as well! Wonderful work!

  5. Measuring and swatching! You're my hero! And IT FITS!!!! Looks fabulous!

  6. Kudos on finishing and having it fit! LOL abou wearing it off and on all week. I did the same thing with my Palette of Colors shrug this week.

  7. I love patterns with interesting construction and not much fuss in knitting, like this one, simply elegant.

  8. Hooray for knitting a garment that fits. I think that's why I haven't finished my first sweater or knit a cardi. I am terrified that after all of that work, it won't fit. Shawls always fit.

    Thanks for joining Fiber Arts Friday!

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