Tuesday, 31 July 2012

London 2012...

Ooh I couldn't be more excited if I'd won the lottery! Well, maybe, but hey it feels like winning the lottery having the Olympics here in my country and in mine and my childrens' lifetime.

A group of us gathered at a friend's house to watch the opening ceremony and party the night away and all I can say is Wow, definitely with a capital W. It may not have been to everyone's taste, hey 'Trainspotting' wasn't either, but intense, powerful, moving, funny and beautiful I certainly thought it was.

Honestly James Bond and the Queen, we were all squealing with delight that it was actually her! Obviously not parachuting out of a helicopter, we're not mad, she's an elderly lady for goodness sake, but oh it did make us all laugh!

Sending out apologies to all of Mark's neighbours for being so loud, but I think we all hoped they'd be watching the same thing as us so I'm sure we didn't upset too many people :)

Being the avid sport watcher that I am, its absolute heaven coming home from work, switching on the telly and choosing from the massive array of BBC Olympic channels. Feeling very proud of Team GBs women's footie team, go girls! The Team GB women's volleyball team won last night (actually early hours of the morning, ooh I'm so tired!) which is their first ever Olympic match win, so proud of you girls you were awesome. The Gymnastics have just been stunning and Team GB Men winning their first Olympic medal since 1912 was beyond wonderful. 

I could just list on forever but I really mustn't, I'm sure you know what events there are, lets just suffice to say that I can barely contain my excitement for the athletics and particularly the prospect of the men's sprint finals, ooh man that's going to be a good 'un.

One of my favourite parts of the whole ceremony was the innovative and truly beautiful Olympic Cauldron. As a little sign off here's a picture from the Daily Mail as a reminder Olympic cauldron 2012. I just found a video clip to show my daughter as she missed seeing it on Friday as she was away on holiday and honestly I went goose pimply all over again.

I hope you all enjoy our Olympics, all the drama, spectacle, super human effort and drive and that you find something there to remember forever.

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